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Lefty's' Time at FHASH

Hi Everyone. As you may know, if you looked at Lefty's page, Lefty was a rescue who joined us in late August. When he came to us he was severely malnourished and we noticed that his back left leg was broken. He also didn't have a name and we just started calling him Lefty because of his leg. The person who brought him to us had asked Lefty's owner if he could have him. He had seen he had been tied to a post in the field and just left there. The owners agreed to the neighbor taking him and said they were planning on putting him down anyways. The neighbor wanted to give him a second chance and he found our rescue. We eagerly agreed to help Lefty and he was brought to our property. We had to keep him in an isolated stall for two reasons. First, we were told he wasn't a stud but he was and we had several in-heat females on the property. Second, Because of his broken leg, we didn't want to risk him going down as the horses figured out rank or if he tried to run around. We scheduled an appointment with the vet for them to take a look at his leg, we were hoping they might be able to surgically fix it or maybe even just provide a stabilizing splint. The appointment wasn't for over three weeks so in the meantime we gave him a nutritious senior diet to help him gain back the weight he had lost. Today was the vet appointment where he received an x-ray and the vet informed us that Lefty's leg could not be surgically repaired and because he wasn't putting any weight on that leg he was putting all of his weight on his right rear leg. As a result, his leg was swelling, and soon would not be able to support his weight at all. The vet recommended that we euthanize him as his quality of life would diminish rapidly until he eventually could no longer stand and we would have to euthanize him. Rather than do that we decided that his good four weeks with us full of love and compassion was how he should go rather than further suffering. There was a volunteer, Lisa, who fell in love with Lefty and when she heard he had been euthanized said, "Rest in peace. Run wild and free for all of eternity.". We could not have said it better. These photos were taken this week, he was a pretty healthy weight and very loved. Volunteering can provide these rescues, who might not have much time left, with the love and compassion they deserve.

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