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My Name is Lefty

Read all about my journey here!

All About Me

My life before Four Hoof Acres Senior Home was a sad one. Three years ago, my leg was broken, and my owners could not afford to fix it. My leg is still broken right now. FHASH is trying to raise the money to help me get that fixed. You may be wondering why I look so skinny in my profile picture? My owners had tied me to a post in the field and left me there for a really long time the only food I had access to was what little grass grew at my hooves. My owners were about to sell me to a kill pen when a neighbor came to my rescue! They had heard about this rescue and asked the owners if they could have me. My owners, thankfully, said yes! The neighbors brought me here and now I am gaining weight and waiting to see if I will be able to get my leg fixed. Check back here to see how I am doing and if I get my surgery. You can also make a donation to help pay for my surgery on the Get Involved page. (8/20/22)

I regret to inform you all that Lefty unfortunately was euthanized today. We learned that his leg was not repairable and the weight he was gaining was putting too much of a strain on his other back leg and soon he would not be able to stand. While we only had him three weeks, we made sure he received lots of love care and attention. We had a volunteer, Lisa, who grew very attached to him and when she learned he had passed she said, " Rest in Peace. Run wild and free for all of eternity.". We could not have said it better. (9/15/22)

(Photos below of FHASH founder Ivy with Lefty)

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