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Meet the Rescues: Meet the Team

About The Rescues

Meet Lefty

Age 15

Welcome, Lefty! He was rescued from a sad situation on 8/20/22. We know his photo looks dire now but soon we will have updated photos showing his improvement.  His rear left leg is broken hence Lefty.

Update: We regret to say we recently had to have Lefty euthanized as his leg was not repairable and his other hind leg was failing to support his weight. (9/15/22)


Meet Horty

Age 17

Welcome, Horty to our rescue! She was donated by her owner here in Penrose on 7/16/2022 in hopes of giving her a better life. She has some slight mobility issues we intend to correct and a scar on her face, despite that she is a very sweet and gentle girl. She is slightly skittish but would appreciate some visitors or company.


Meet Candy

Age 37

Candy was rescued from an individual who was going to put her down because the person could no longer care for her. She arrived on May 15, 2022 and was well cared for. She is healthy and enjoying her newfound friends. She has a sweet disposition.


Meet Big Red

Age 26

Big Red, as we call him, was rescued from a bad situation, neglected, starving, and needing medical attention. He arrived on May 07, 2022, with his companion Boo. Big Red has cancer in his left eye, that once he is healthy, will be removed. He is so loving and enjoys being kissed.


Meet Boo

Age 20

Boo is a rescue who arrived on May 07, 2022, from a very neglectful situation and was starving. Boo has no health issues at this time, just needs some fatting up. Boo arrived with Big Red and they are stalled together in a large paddock area. They are so cute grooming each other.


Meet Spartan

Age 21

Spartan arrived at the rescue in September 2021. Spartan's family was moving out of state and unable to take him.  He was a little underweight but has no other issues and was well cared for before joining us. His name fits him, and he is very majestic and strong.

2022-06-04 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Meet Sangria

Age Unknown

Sangria is a mule that was rescued from a kill pen in Oklahoma and arrived in August 2019. Her age is unknown. She was terrified of people because she had been cattle prodded and she bears the scars of the abuse she endured. She is warming up to us, but she still has a healthy fear of humans. She is very beautiful with her long white eyelashes.

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