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All About Me

The rescue does not have a lot of information about me before I got here. All they know is that I was not being fed adequately. Older horses like me need additional feed that high in nutrition and we can easily look starved if we don't get it. Someone saw the condition I was in and asked my owner if they could bring me to the rescue and they agreed. As you can see I have a lot of scars on my face. I have healed up a lot and put on some weight.  I haven't always been treated with the care I deserve so I would welcome any visitors if you want to hang out with me check out the Get Involved page! Check back for updates on how I'm doing! (9/7/22)

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to give you guys an update on how I am doing. I am really happy here and I am finally a healthy weight check out the photo below. I like to stand long and stretch out a lot. I have also become good friends with the only other white animal on the property, Sangria, she's a mule. As you can see from the photos we like to run together. I have made a lot of new friends including the two new barn kitties Liona and Pinkie. We have a new volunteer, Tiffany, who comes to visit a lot, but we would always more new faces. Please drop by and say hi our handler Roxy will almost always be able to come and introduce you to all of us. Thank you everyone for all of your love and support and will try to update you soon especially if I make a new friend or something interesting happens. (10/22/22)


My Name is Horty

Read about my journey here!

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