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My Name is Boo

Read all about my journey here!

All About Me

My brother, Big Red, and I both came from the same place. Our parents were getting older as am I and they realized how skinny we were getting despite having plenty of graze to feed on. They were planning on downsizing anyways, to where they had no more equine friends, and when they noticed my condition, they decided to send me to somewhere equipped to help me. Four Hoof Acres Senior Home. When I arrived the rescue had a vet come out do a check up to make sure we were otherwise healthy. Big Red and I both were not getting enough nutrients out of the graze we had access to so now I am on a special senior diet and feeling much better! (5/15/22)

Its been three weeks since joining the Rescues family and I am starting to put on weight at last, thanks to my special senior diet! Check out these photos! (6/4/22)

Its been a month since my last update and I am feeling better than ever! I am so happy to have found this rescue! I have officially gotten the all clear from the vets and I am in tip top shape. If you would like to visit with me you can see how on the Get Involved page. (7/1/22)

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