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Rainbow Bridge

When the horses we love and cared for through their years cross the rainbow bridge, they take a little piece of us with them.


The Horses that have Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Lefty- 24 years old
Lefty was a loving and gentle horse that came to us with a broken and poorly healed rear fetlock and was severely underweight. He had difficulty getting around but never hesitated to come over for a hug and be loved on. We only had him for 1 month before it became clear that helping him cross the rainbow bridge was the only humane option. you can learn more about Lefty on his page.

Big Red- 27 years old

Red was a majestic and gentle horse who brought much love into our lives while he was with us. Due to his injuries, Red left us in December 2022. Learn more about Red on his page.

Candy- 38 years old

Candy came to us from a very loving home and took a few weeks to warm up to her new people but she became a very friendly girl. Candy's loving disposition will not be forgotten as she spends her last day with us, May 20, 2023. To learn more about Candy, visit her page.

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