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Horty: The newest addition to the Rescue

Yesterday we welcomed a new addition to the rescue, Horty. Horty is 17 years old and is currently very underweight and malnourished (see attached photos). Currently, she is on a high-nutrient diet to help her achieve a healthy weight. While addressing her weight issues we will also be making sure she stays mobile as we have noticed some mobility issues. Our trainer and Partner Roxy will be doing most of the work and we could not do this without her. Currently, Horty is in her own isolated area away from the rest of the horses while she gets healthy. Once we deem it safe, we will put her in the half of the pasture containing Candy, Big Red, and Boo, our other recent rescues. Horty is a little nervous around visitors right now, but she is very gentle and sweet and would love to see some visitors. Stick with us for updates on her condition. If you would like to come to visit Horty please send us a message letting us know.

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